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An experienced dealer gives us his best advice on how to

You tell them you don’t want sex, at least, not at first. You ask them if they would get you some coke. You tell them you’ll pay as much as for sex or close if they come back with the drugs. “Promise you’ll come back. I might go for a blow job later.” § 20 Responses to “Trolling Whores for Coke: How

nobody cares about art, kids dont bother. take coke and

CUT🔪COKE (This is a rant, but a worthy read) Cocaine. Close. 0. Posted by. u/Band-AddiktRiot. 1 year ago. meaning if I dont feel comfortable doing it with my cut on it then I PROMISE I wont sell it to you. Call it what you want. But I will say if I dont fuck with you Ill …

Drug Dealers of Reddit, what are the MUST DOS AND DONTS

fuck you i dont need this job i seel coke

Out of our minds, and we want in yours, let us in Or Ima kill you! You dont wanna fuck with me Girls neither, you aint nuttin but a slut to me Bitch Ima kill you! You aint got the balls to beef We aint gon never stop beefin I dont squash the beef You better kill me! Ima be another rapper dead

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fuck you i dont need this job i seel coke

Do this if you want none of your customers to take you seriously. When a friend of mine sold LSD, he didnt say anything about the strength of it. Someone would buy one hit, and the next time they saw him they would say, "Your stuff is the only real stuff around." Sell a quality product and you dont need to pretend its better than it is.

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How to Make Money When You Have No Job. Nicole Vulcan. Updated July 05, 2017. Share It. Share . Tweet chances are you have stuff you can sell. Things with high resale value include wood furniture, music, books, kids stuff and newer electronics, suggests BankRate.com. If you dont have a space to host your own yard sale, post your items on

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seriously, dont bother with art. take steroids and coke and speed. nobody cares anyway. you do art you will end up homeless like me. i have no food. just bit of pasta, i have 32p left. mit get reduced bread if im lucky. get a real mans job and work over 40hours per week. its the only way to survive here. if you ever do get famous or sell art for money it will be after your dead. im not going

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At my part time job, I have to fill up a million cokes/diet cokes a day, and peeps will definitely let ya know if you done goofed on their drink. One person I know who is a regular can actually tell whether the coke was filled up on the right side of the soft drink machine or the left.

r/Drugs - CUT🔪COKE (This is a rant, but a worthy read)

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Trolling Whores for Coke: How to Get Started

An experienced dealer gives us his best advice on how to buy drugs just profound risk on the part of the supplier to make those drugs available. If I buy a roll for $4 and sell it to you for $25, it’s because I’m putting my entire life on the line for you." You dont want to fuck people over. Its a black market business youre

fuck you i dont need this job i seel coke

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