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Send in the Clowns: 2010
damn clowns want to fuck with me
God damn shut the fuck up If you want a verse then bitch you out of luck Your shit is so weak and you can’t even rap So if you want a feature then I need a bag And don’t get me started on all of these phonies Say that we and #39; re bros when you don and #39; t even know me How you gon and #39; hate on me

Send in the Clowns: January 2010
damn clowns want to fuck with me
God Damn Clowns Creepin’ on me in the Cornfields Fuck clowns. I was driving from Kingdom City, Missouri to Broken Bow, Nebraska on a journey that I wouldn’t repeat even if the children of the corn themselves chased me along that path.

Has there been killer clowns in your area? - the Data Lounge
damn clowns want to fuck with me
Not the final chapter, just an exit stage right - JUGM and I have made the decision to combine our two blogs into one blog that we can share and not argue about what we are going to post nor step on to

No one wants to hire me really need advice. - Career
If they are paying the Trolls to perform, I am never attending that damn thing again. I dont want any of my taxes going to the Trolls. That really pisses me off. Fuckin Clowns are ruining everything, even Mayfair. My wife thinks we should move. Im beginning to think we should.

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No one wants to hire me really need advice. These HR clowns want everyone to act like a giddy social butterfly. Youre probably smart. Dont change yourself! damn it, Ill go down fighting if I have to. It looks like Ill have an opportunity to volunteer for PetSmart in the near future and my hope is that theyll hire me after they

God Damn Clowns Creepin’ on me in the Cornfields - Reddit
When all we damn want is whats RIGHT. Fix my damn phone and stop trying to play innocent. This location has the absolute worst customer service and I cannot believe they even hire clowns like that. My one hope for Jordan is that he finds a job more suitable for himself. When I called assurion they told me that the sprint store would

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2016: Damn this Ebola thing could kill us all 2017: Clowns. The Clowns are gonna get us all 2018: Watch out for the f*Ckin lettuce 11/20/18, 5:28 PM – popular memes on the site iFunny.co

Way Too Many People Want To Bone The Clown From It
I don’t like damn clowns! Don’t expect me to be friendly around those flunkers. Every time I see one, I can’t stop but to think about John Wayne Gacy and that flunked was a …

damn clowns want to fuck with me

everybody want to get high high my friends they don"t give a fucki want you to fuck my wifepark n go mspreal sister fuckmeet and fuck xmas in bimbovile


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