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Eric Cartman: (introducing himself and his friends to the camera) All right, hey! Whats up, guys? Im Eric Cartman, and behind me are my good friends Stan, Kenny and Kyle. Eric Cartman: Naturally! I already made a page for the thing. Ill handle all the technical stuff. All you guys have to do is

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Cartman From South Park Sounds Cartman from Comedys Central South Park Sound clips including: Oh my god, Danny diameter we are from america and erica, I dont let me have you found a bitch, Food, Crappy everything in, And man is it gonna shut down the back, Why did you say but when i get a job i try with you got it got it, Im not buying a stupid hippie around anymore you can say about now

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Audio Clips from South Park . "Oh, boy! Ive never gotten a package this big. Ive always wanted to have a huge package."

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Yup, just go to our Kickstarter page Okay nice idiot, Uh-huh fuck you, bye bye." Cartman "Fuck you. Those words mean a great deal to us. They help us express just how we as a company- see things differently." Cartman "Well, I certainly dont want you to feel that Furry Balls Plopped Menacingly on the Table is holding you back." Kyle

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"Just try not to get so mad you want to hurt people. I belive you can avoid that. Youre going to get punched or beat up, if you do, dont come running to me about it." I said before we heard the bell to the next period go off. I felt Cartman reach around me again. Why the fuck is he doing this again? "Cartman, What the fuck are you doing?"

Bart Simpson vs Eric Cartman. Season 3, Wave 1 by CMRB

South Park: The Stick of Truth One-Shots Cool Queen :Eric Cartman: fatass?” (Y/N) asked easily becoming annoyed by the sound of his voice. “Ey, bitch, do you want to be banished from space and time?!” The Grand Wizard asked, attempting to look threatening. Honestly, if it was under normal circumstances, she would have backslapped him

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cartman what the fuck do you want sound
Cartman: You know, Mom, the least you could do is kiss me first. Cause I liked to be kissed before I get fucked! Man 1: You fuck your son and you wont even give him a kiss? Booooooo! Man 2 [seated with his arm around a boy] If I was gonna fuck my son, Id kiss …

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You’re an even bigger dick than your mom’s groundskeeper willy Its like you worked at the qwiki mart with a pile apu that you brought you want something to eat fatso, than eat my shorts Cartman: Well your mom is so poor, she actually watches your show you’re more of a jew than kyle, Kyle: shut the fuck up fatso Your rhymes are treehouse

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Cartman couldnt believe it. So he sounded like a complete weakling compared to Kyle, this was not what he wanted! "What the fuck paladin Butters! Thats not cool you little fucktard! Goddammit Butters you made me sound like I was a fucking weak bastard compared to Kyle!" "I-Im sorry grand wizard!" "No! Fuck you!"

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cartman what the fuck do you want sound
Kyle: You want my help? Kyle laughed. Kyle: Why should I help you? You two didnt help me when Heidi was in a horrible relationship with Cartman. All you two could do was sit there and watch her suffer. So heres my offer you two, fuck off. Stan and Wendy gave Kyle a disapproving look. Stan: Kyle-Kyle: No! Fuck off! I dont care if you want my

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cartman what the fuck do you want sound
Sounds from South Park. South Park is an American animated television comedy series about four fourth grade school boys who live in the small town of South Park, Colorado. The series is created and written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and has been distributed and aired by Comedy Central since 1997.

cartman what the fuck do you want sound

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